Unit Prices Physiotherapy

Massage therapy

Classic partial body massage27,- €
Cupping massage
(Improvement of the oxygen uptake in the body tissue, for vegetative disfunction and circulatory disorder)
19,- €
Classic full body massage53,- €
Food reflexology33,- €
Manual lymphatic drainage of the face
(recommended for headaches symtoms)
27,- €
Manual lymphatic drainage of arms/legs
(removal of lymph and blockades)
43,- €
Brush massage
(stimulation of blood circulation, blood pressure regulation, stimulation of the organs via reflex zones, skin peeling)
19,- €
Aroma massage with warm oil54,-€
Pantai Herbai Body
(stimulating full body massage with herb stamps, stimulates the lymph flow)
78,- €
Honey massage incl. Sauna
(strong improvement of blood flow, reflectoric effect to the organs)

60 minutes (back, belly)
90 minutes (full body treatment)


55,- €
79,- €

 Medical Body Peelings in a Warming Bed

Sea salt peeling
(stimulation of the blood flow, skin peeling)
19,- €
Schottish bath
(recommendable for skin problems, disinfecting effects, strengthens the protective shell of the skin)

19,- €

Face chalk pack
(for greasy, sensitive skin, with honey and AloeVera oil)
15,- €

Thermotherapy (Medical Baths in a Warming Bed)

Ruegen healing chalk pack (possibly with oil)
(regulation of the skin's pH value, against greasy skin, slight detoxication, treatment for muscle and joint complaints)
39,- €
Ruegen healing chalk pack with sea salt
(regulation of the skin's pH value, refinement of the skin, against irritable skin, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, strong detoxication)
39,- €
Ruegen healing chalk pack with sea salt and brown alga
(very strong detoxication, against cellulitis)

42,- €

Alga purification pack
(for purification, stimulation of the metabolism, improvement and vitalisation of the skin)
42,- €
Natural peat pack
(aktivates the metabolism, anti-inflammatory, stimulates the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, anticonvulsant)
39,- €
Pumpkin cleansing bath
(strongly draining, positive effect to the cell respiration, edemas ebb away easier)
39,- €
Sea silt extract pack
(purification, activation of the metabolism, skin improvement)
39,- €

Body Cream Pack as Medical Bath

Goat butter cream pack
(natural oil replenishment for very dry skin, also recommended after chalk bath treatment)
39,- €
Evening primrose oil cream pack
(natural oil replenishment of the skin, counteracts the ageing process, activates the cells, exhilarant, moisturising, recommandable for dry and sensitive skin and neurodermatitis)
42,- €
Cleopatra pack
(moisturising, balancing, slightly replenishing)
42,- €
Crema pack against cellulitis
(strengthening of the connective tissue by herbal extracts)
37,- €
Warming partial pack
(Mud pack for the back, for muscle preparation before the massage)
19,- €
Hay sack
(encourages the detoxication of the liver)
12,- €

Hydrotherapy (Arm/Leg Baths with Bath Additives)

Hot and cold arm bath
(training for vessels, stabilizing the cardiovascular system, strengthening of the immune system)
12,- €
Temperature rising arm bath
(for colds and flus, stimulation of the blood circulation, in case of to high blood pressure, bronchial asthma)
12,- €
Hot and cold food bath
(same as arm bath)
15,- €
Temperature rising food bath
(same as arm bath)
15,- €
(Cleanup of the colon by means of water and a slight intestine massage)
65,- €
(with natural brine or medical additive)
7,- €

Exercise Therapy (Gym/Fitness Programmes)

Pilates (for beginners)19,- €
Therapy according to Dorn
(adjustment and mobilisation of the joints, in case mobility is restricted)
26,- €
Physiotherapy22,- €
Postisometric muscle relaxation (PIR)
(gentle turning in case of shortened muscles which led to a restriction of mobility, trigger points)
25,- €
Manual therapie33,- €
Back therapy training22,- €
Respiratory exercises19,- €
Nordic Walking (incl. poles)13,- €

Combined Treatments (10 % Discount)

Brush massage plus alga purification pack57,- €
Pantai Herbai Body Cellulite plus cream pack against Cellulitis99,- €
Face chalk pack plus manual lymph drainage (face)36,- €
Sea salt peeling plus alga purification pack53,- €
Chalk pack plus goat butter cream pack59,- €

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