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  • FXMayr - Gesundheitszentrum

F.X. Mayr health cure on the island of Ruegen with renewed power

Therapeutic fasting and detoxifying in the Baltic Resort Baabe on Ruegen. Medically attended, family-run Mayr health centre according to the Mayr Prevent guidelines for holistic prevention and regeneration medicine in a marvellous surrounding.

Welcome to the F.X. Mayr Health Centre in Baabe, Northern Germany's first certified centre for Modern Mayr Medicine

De-accelerating. Breathing freely. Sun, wind and sea give your senses a treat. Entire relaxation. Clear, pure salt-breeze. The sweep of the horizon. The intense colours of the Baltic Sea, the meadows and woods.

Certified centreMedical expertiseIsland Ruegen

  • every two years our employees are trained by the European Centre for Allery Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • smoke- and pet-free rooms
  • anallergenic plants
  • no carpets in the rooms, only shortpiled floor textiles in the corridors
  • floors are wet cleaned, floor textiles are vacuume-cleaned (with Hepa-13-filters) daily
  • on demand mite-proof encasings for mattresses can be provided
  • use of mild cleaning fluids
  • individual composition of the nutrition by our Mayr doctor.