About Dr. F.X. Mayr

Dr. med. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 - 1965)

is the founder of the diagnosis and therapy, named after him.

His brilliant medical concepts, especially his natural purification of the bowel and his active health care, are still far ahead of nowadays.

Only within the last decade it influences a permanently increasing number of physicians, both nationally and internationally. Hundred thousands of people owe him the successful pursued way to a basically better health and regeneration.

Dr. med. F.X. Mayr was born in Groebming (Austria) in 1875. Already in his young days his skills to assess the state of health of animals by detailed observation were highly appreciated. 

Soon after his doctorate in medicine in 1901 he took over the leadership of a hospital in Johannisbrunn. Due to further intensive observations as a physician, Mayr recognized the crucial role of the intestinal tract for the human's whole state of health. This perception was revolutionary at that time and should shape his entire life.

Further intensive studies offered him the chance to develop rules for an "optimal healthy digestive system". Under these rules the patient shall be examined in-depth to diagnose dysfunctions by aberrances from predefined waist measures, posture and skin conditions. By the subsequent treatment the disturbed digestive system was relieved, preserved, expurgated and regenerated.

Mayr's popularity increased. He gave lectures at the Charité hospital in Berlin, travelled into the United States and talked about his studies, inter alia at the MAYO hospital in Rochester. Mayr counted among his patients people in power such as Konrad Adenauer, Henry Ford and Baron de Rothschild, but also peasants and housemaids.

Mayr could hardly prevail against the predominant doctrine, too strong was the lobby of the academic medicine.

In his old age he founded the International Society of MAYR PHYSICIANS. When Mayr deceased on the 21st September 1965, the society already had several hundred members.

The modern Neurogastroenterology confirms largely Mayr's ideas. The books "Der Darm, das zweite Gehirn" and "Der kluge Bauch" by Emerald Meyer and Michael Gershon, published already at the end of the nineties, support Mayr's ideas also scientifically.

(Source: International Society of MAYR PHYSICIANS)