Health center's performances

Medical range

The central points of our center are medical diagnostics and therapy. The Mayr-medic takes care of your demands during your complete stay and prescribes the necessary diet measures and further forms of therapy in coordination with you.

The medical manual abdominal treatments are integal part of each therapy according to F.X. Mayr. If indicated, a Colon-Hydro-Therapy may be performed in the health center.

Dr. med. Heiko von Oppeln is additionally offering a wide spectrum of other medical treatments. These are not inherent parts of the Mayr therapy, but can be ideally combined with it: naturopathic treatments, acupuncture, neural therapy, infusion treatments, laboratory diagnostics, kinesiological tests, chirotherapy and osteopathic treatments.

The integration of functional-orthopaedic diseases into the Mayr therapy is a uniqueness of our medical range.

Our diagnostic potential is extended by ultrasonic examinations of the internal organs, blood vessels and the  musculoskeletal system with the aid of a color Doppler device.

Physiotherapy and Massages

To aid the healing process the medical treatment is completed by many different services in our physiotherapy and massage section. You are welcomed to participate in our daily gym in the morning, in the morning. Pilates, Nordic Walking and bicycle tours help to bring special experiences into each of your treatment days.

Our specially educated and experienced experts offer different kinds of sports and exercise therapy as well as psychotherapeutic relaxation techniques. These are performed either in groups or individually. 

Massages support the detoxication and increase your well-being. Our offer covers, beside others, full body massages, classic back massages, lymphatic drainages, acidosis massages,  herbal stamp massages and honey massages.

Body Exfoliation and Packs

Our well-trained staff offers many kinds of treatments in our bath's section. We recommend e.g. medical bathes with healing chalk, which only can be found in Ruegen, of a milk-oil-bath, like Cleopatra enjoyed it. Thalasso therapy, pleasant Kneipp cures, sauna and much more will make a contribution to your regeneration and recovery.