The F.X. Mayr kitchen

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" — this well-known saying does not stop at the modern F.X. Mayr cuisine!

On the contrary: instead of the infamous "Kursemmel", which is nowadays only important as "chewing trainer", diversified meals according to the criteria of the so-called "Milde Ableitungsdiaet", fondly prepared by our educated employees, are offered in the F.X. Mayr Health Centre.

This form of a mild diet is prescribed by the physician in different gradations in accordance with the patient. Of course, food intolerances and personal requirements are always considered. This "diet", which should rather be called "therapeutic food" is also recommended as convalescent food after the treatment.

Cooking classes belong to the teaching principle according to Mayr and are offered weekly. At the end of your stay you will also receive an individual nutritional advice.

  • every two years our employees are trained by the European Centre for Allery Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • smoke- and pet-free rooms
  • anallergenic plants
  • no carpets in the rooms, only shortpiled floor textiles in the corridors
  • floors are wet cleaned, floor textiles are vacuume-cleaned (with Hepa-13-filters) daily
  • on demand mite-proof encasings for mattresses can be provided
  • use of mild cleaning fluids
  • individual composition of the nutrition by our Mayr doctor.