Package prices for accommodation

The F.X Mayr Health Center provides the Mayr therapy at predictable costs. We offer package for accommodation in a single room, double room or in a double room for single use.

Normally your stay starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. For guests who wish to start their stay in a relaxed way, we offer an early arrival on Saturday. No services will be provided on this first Saturday.

Package prices per person (excl. medical costs)

Price bracket1 week
6 days
2 weeks
13 days
3 weeks
20 days
4 weeks
27 days
Single room819 €1,677 €2,535 €3,287 €
Double room p. P.669 €1,372 €2,095 €2,733 €
Double room for single use969 €1,983 €2,975 €3,840 €

Additional charge for early arrival on Saturday

Price bracket1 day
Single room136,50 €
Double room p. P.111,50 €
Double room for single use161,50 €

(room charge for an additional overnight stay incl. charge for service.)

All prices excl. visitor's tax (prices for visitor's tax depend on season).

3% discount, if booked at least 6 months in advance.

The package price for rooms includes:

  • Medical fasting / Milch Semmel Diaet / base broth
  • Milde Ableitungs Diaet (transitional nutrition) during the 3rd and 4th week of the Mayr therapy
  • Water (in-house water preparation) and tea from the tee bar
  • Nutrition counselling / nutrition folder
  • Diet cooking class
  • Exercise therapy in a group
  • Lecture by Mayr doctor
  • Use of the sauna

Charges for the Milde Ableitungs Diaet will be 13,90 € to 19,00 € per day, if this diet will be served already in the 1st and 2nd week of your stay. The costs for the Milde Ableitungs Diaet in the 3rd and 4th week is included in the room's package price (see above).

The F.X. Mayr therapy is basically supervised by a doctor.

Costs for medical services are not included in the above mentioned room's package prices and will be charged separately according to the German private practise fee. 

Packaging prices for an accompanying person (without treatments) in a double room

We will charge the costs for a double room for single use to the Mayr guest for the duration of the stay according to above mentioned packaging price-list. For accommodation of an accompanying person in the Mayr guest's double room following packaging prices will be charged for the duration of the stay:

1 week
6 days
2 weeks
13 days
3 weeks
20 days
4 weeks
27 days
240 €520 €800 €1.080 €

These packaging prices include:

  • Free overnight stay in a double room together with the Mayr guest
  • Service charges
  • Breakfast (same as served during Mayr therapy)
  • Supper (same as served during Mayr therapy)

Single prices per person (excl. medical cost)

Price bracketPrice per
overnight stay
Single room125 €
Doubel room p. P.100 €
Double room for single use150 €
Service charge p. P.11.50 €

- Subject to modifications and amendments -