Overview medical services

Medical treatment will be invoiced according to the German scale of medical fees (GOÄ), as legally prescribed in Germany. The common rates of increase (x 1.8 resp. 2.3) will be considered.

The German scale of medical fees is approximately 30 years old. Many services of the Modern Mayr Medicine cannot be put adequately into this scale. Therefore we are working partly with analogue numbers, which are of similar nature but not identical to the services prescribed in GOÄ. They can be identified by the supplementary "A". This kind of billing is explicity provided by GOÄ.

The total amount complies with the actually provided services.

Please check in advance with your insurance company, if they assume (parts of) the costs. Please note that the invoice is due and payable without deduction regardless of the amount assumed by your insurance company.

Costs Overview Mayr Medical Treatments

Initial conversation and examination according to Mayr (A29, A34, 76, A77)128,70 €
Final conversation, concluding examination (A3, 8) 54,97 €
Intermediate examination (1, 5, 7 resp.)21,44 €
Examination organ system (7)21,45 €
Manual abdominal treatment (505, 510, 523, A846, A3306)63,03 €
Surcharge for sundays and public holidays12,84 €
Compile final report (75)14,43 €
Medical lecturesfree of charge
Ultrasonic screening of stomach organs, thyroid gland (410, 417, 420)87,12 €
Ultrasonic screening blood vessels (410, 420, 401)82,28 €
H2 – oxygen analysis incl. medical examination (1, 5, 618)53,23 €

  • every two years our employees are trained by the European Centre for Allery Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • smoke- and pet-free rooms
  • anallergenic plants
  • no carpets in the rooms, only shortpiled floor textiles in the corridors
  • floors are wet cleaned, floor textiles are vacuume-cleaned (with Hepa-13-filters) daily
  • on demand mite-proof encasings for mattresses can be provided
  • use of mild cleaning fluids
  • individual composition of the nutrition by our Mayr doctor.