Mayr therapy

The Mayr therapy supports the detoxication and regeneration, brings the self-healing powers into action and precludes diseases.

The prices include the below mentioned medical services for one up to four therapy weeks. The total price for your Mayr therapy consists of the medical treatment costs and the lump-sum for your stay according to its length (see "Prices Accommodation").

First week

  • first medical meeting, initial examination according to F.X. Mayr
  • 3 manual abdominal treatments
  • participation on medical speech and education programs
  • base powder and Epsom salt is included

Subsequent week

  • 1 intermediate examination
  • 3 manual abdominal treatments
  • concluding examination, explanation of the after-therapy phase including a written nutrition plan (only in the last week of your stay)
  • participation on medical speech and education programs
  • base powder and Epsom salt is included

Medical treatment costs (excluding accommodation)

  • one week: approx. 350,75 €
  • two weeks: approx. 528,54 €
  • tree weeks: approx. 706,34 €
  • four weeks: approx. 884,14 €

Prices are calculated on basis of the GOÄ (German scale of medical fees). The final invoice for your medical treatments will not show any lump-sum, but will be issued according to the billing code of the GOÄ. Individually necessary treatments of the medical services may lead to differences in invoiced prices. An overview of the medical services is shown on the corresponding navigation point.

  • every two years our employees are trained by the European Centre for Allery Research Foundation (ECARF)
  • smoke- and pet-free rooms
  • anallergenic plants
  • no carpets in the rooms, only shortpiled floor textiles in the corridors
  • floors are wet cleaned, floor textiles are vacuume-cleaned (with Hepa-13-filters) daily
  • on demand mite-proof encasings for mattresses can be provided
  • use of mild cleaning fluids
  • individual composition of the nutrition by our Mayr doctor.