Treatment Programes

In our health center your F.X. Mayr therapy is completely supervised by one of our Mayr doctors. The therapy starts with an initial examination according to F.X. Mayr theory and experience, includes at least tree manual abdominal treatments per week and ends with the concluding examination.

The total price for your cure is the sum of

For this reason you can combine your individual F.X. Mayr therapy. The accounting of the medical services is based on the GOÄ (German scale of medical fees). Please check in advance with your insurance company, if they agree to pay a part of these costs.

For a detailed information, please select the navigation point "Mayr Therapy", where an example for the invoiced treatment fees according to GOÄ is shown (for one, two, three or four weeks).

If the initial examination shows a result that requires a divergent treatment, these individual medical adjustments might lead to different prices. If this is the case, the doctor will elucidate these changes during the initial consultation.