The three modules for your health

Become healthy

First of all, it is important to treat existing health disorders — this means: becoming healthy has priority. At the beginning of your stay you will have an entry examination. Depending on its evidence, your personal medical fasting instruction and your individual therapy regime will be issued.

The medical fasting

During the stage of fasting and therapy in our center, an increasing recovery of the disordered alimentary tract, the central root organ of the human being, will take place. Thereby a sustainable increase of the physical and physiological well-being comes along.

Stay healthy

Staying healthy: a preferably long-lasting effect appears. The Modern Mayr Medicine includes an intense teaching, that leads to an amendment of the eating behaviour and the complete life-style. Positive effects of the therapy, e.g. to the blood pressure, the blood glucose and the blood lipids can be verified a long time after the Mayr therapy was finished (specific examinations of the University of Innsbruck).