The guts are the human's root

A tree only can prosper, when its roots ingest enough nutritive substances from the ground. If the root is sick or important nutritive substances are missing in the ground, the tree will lose it vitality and wither.

The same also applies to the human. He is carrying his root inside his body: the guts. If the bowel is ill, it cannot extract the necessary life substances from the nutrition. This will lead into malnutrition despite of consuming healthy food.

The Austrian physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr firstly realised the importance of the alimentary tract as central organ for health and well-being. He recognised that the alimentary tract of many people is disordered - often without showing any corresponding symptoms. Nevertheless the maldigesting bowel becomes a poison source, caused by the process of fermentation and putrefaction.

The reason for this comes mainly from the recent way of living: we are eating too fast, too much, too stressed, badly chewing, too late in the evening, too much indigestive food (which includes fruit, salads and uncooked vegetarian food). Instead of a healthy digestion, decomposition processes of fermentation and putrefaction increasingly occur in a disordered bowel. This worsens the malfunction of the bowel and slowly poisons the complete organism with damaging substances.

Due to a disturbed bowel and the self-toxication through the bowel many other disturbances of health might occur.

Nearly each clinical picture can be traced back (at least partly) to a disordered bowel. It can be an essential source of many lifestyle diseases: pain in the musculoskeletal system, overweight, metabolic and immunological disorders, allergies, sleep disturbances, lacks of concentration, depression, cardiovascular diseases, gastric trouble, acidification, impure skin, premature aging. Respectively the Mayr therapy, which is primary dedicated to the regeneration of the alimentary organs, effects existing diseases and the general well-being in an amazing way.