Fasting forms offered at F.X. Mayr Health Center Baabe

The Modern Mayr Medicine distinguishes four fasten forms, which are physician-directed in coordination between the Mayr guest and the healing process.

Crucial for the selection of nourishments is always the individual salubriousness, which can be tested on demand. The best nourishment can move to a poison, if it can't be digested properly.

Tea Fasting

is the most intense kind of fasting. It requires an exhaustive care through the physician and is not suitable for everybody. Tea fasting effects a very intensive detoxication reaction. It is auxiliary for people, who wish to deal with the nonentity.

The classical Milch-Semmel-Diaet

The guest gets a bread roll and a protein additive. The bread roll should be stale and chewy, for it can be used therapeutically as a training tool for the chewing process. The F.X. Mayr Health Center offers alternatives such as spelt rolls, bio ewe yoghurt, tofu and other nourishments, which are mostly better digestible than conventional white flour rolls and sweet milk.

The extended Milk Diet

consists of a therapy bread roll, the protein additive and other additives which can be combined individually. It is offered, considering therapeutical aspects, during the three principal meals.


The Milde Ableitungs Diaet (MAD)

Here we have the last stage of the therapy. An ambitious meal on a high level is reached, in which the selection and preparation of the ingredients combines the culinary relish with the medical benefit. The training of the taste and relish comes along with the new impact component. The principles of protection and the individual digestion efficiency are considered at any time of the therapy.