The Moderne Mayr Medicine

is an individual and holistic therapy. It represents a synthesis of scientifically justified, academic medicine and naturopathic treatment. Depending on the initial diagnosis, all treatments and applications will be prescribed by the experienced Mayr physician and checked constantly for effectiveness. During the therapy the gut and the connective tissue are detoxified and deacidified.

The attending physician and the whole team of the F.X. Mayr Health Center will be at your disposal for a timely planning of your treatments.

Dr. von Oppeln-Bronikowski explains the Mayr therapy in an interview (German language)

You are in good hands with us

Therapeutically the different departments of our center (physician sector, massage, physiotherapy, colon-hydro-therapy, nutrition therapy, medical baths) cover a wide range of treatment possibilities: irritable colon and leaky gut syndrome, food intolerance such as lactose, fructose and gluten, and immune system dysfunctions. If necessary the Mayr therapy can be applied for in-patient weight reduction and adiposity treatments. Physiotherapeutic applications are ideally completing the Modern Mayr Medicine.

Additionally bicycle and trekking tours, lectures concerning nutrition and health protection are offered.