Fasting Holidays at the Baltic Sea, Therapeutic Fasting on Ruegen – Sheer Recreation and Relaxation in the F.X. Mayr Health Centre

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter – any season is ideal for your recreative cure. Let the scenic attractions impress yourself. Forget everyday's routine, relax, enjoy, and collect new strength; for sure you will recreate in our F.X. Mayr Health Centre. With fasting holidays on the island of Ruegen you make the right choice. Get to Ruegen and get balanced again!

Welcome to the F.X. Mayr Health Centre, Norther Germany's first Certified Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine

Therapeutic fasting in a healthy atmosphere and in one of the most beautiful landscapes at the Baltic Sea. The sun, the wind, the healthy maritime climate, and the vitalizing air's salinity have a unique therapeutic effect for the body. We offer the convenient ambience and the professional attendance for your fasting cure: The F.X. Mayr Health Centre in Baabe on Ruegen.

Your Gorgeous Environment - Ideal to Become Healthy and Recreated

The F.X. Mayr Health Centre is located on the Baltic Sea Resort Baabe, surrounded by the gorgeous nature between the Baltic Sea Resorts Sellin and Goehren on the peninsula "Moenchgut". The unique location of our property and our individual services, which are concerted according to your needs, grant effective treatment results of the F.X. Mayr fasting cure. You will feel comfortable such as hundreds of guests before. Plenty of them visit us on a regular basis.

Moenchgut peninsula is a headland, which benefits as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve from a special landscape and environment conservation. Since May 2008 Baabe is recognized by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) as an allergy-friendly community. The region is widely known for its healthy micro climate and makes a fasting cure at the Baltic Sea also possible for allergy sufferers.

Recreative therapeutic fasting against an amazing backdrop, because the surrondings of Baabe are uniting all landscapes shapes occuring on Ruegen. Enjoy your fasting holidays in the gentle hilly Bodden landscape, extended deciduous forests and pinewoods, and endless alleys. Dreamily fisherman's villages shape the classic island feeling. The fine-grained, stone-free sandy beach and the shallow water are offering best conditions for your recreation and are inviting you to rest. Baabe's moorland beginning immediately behind the dunes with its dense deciduous forests and pinewoods promise tranquility, recreation and maximum success of your F.X. Mayr fasting cure. Slow down in this wonderful ambience, focus totally on your fasting holidays and leave everyday's business behind. The silentness of the partially yet untouched nature activate your self healing forces almost automatically. Become healthy, stay healthy – our claim for an effective therapeutic fasting on Ruegen! Be our guest in the F.X. Mayr Health Centre. We are looking forward to welcome you.